McCall’s 6328 – Shorts

There are 6 views in this pattern envelope. The first 4 are variations of a flared leg, back zip short. The E and F views are a more traditional front zip pleated trouser style short.

Line Drawings for A-F Shorts Views

I made view C, the flared leg option with decorative front tie.

For those of you who prefer low rise bottoms, these are not the shorts for you. The waistband sits at the natural waist. Also, the length is very short. If you do not wish your upper thighs to be visible, you should pass this one by. That said, they are fun, flattering, and surprisingly comfortable, due to the looseness of the flared leg.This is a typical multi-size pattern. You can get 4-12 or 12-18 in one envelope.

My version had puckers where the contrast color hip sections meet the waistband (see likes/dislikes). Otherwise, it looks and fits as I expected.

I liked the flared leg style, which is friendly to a variety of hip measurements. Just pick your waist size for this pattern (A-D views) and you are good to go.

I had problems with the contrast fabric puckering where it joined the waistband. The instructions said to ease the waistband (main color) as it was attached to the shorts. I could not see how this was possible, since the waistband was interfaced and non-stretchy. There wasn’t anything about ease stitching that I could find either.

I used two lightweight cotton blends from my scrap pile to test the pattern. The next time I will select something more opaque.

I would sew this again, now that I am aware of the issues. I would enjoy having a pair of the same view C shorts in a single fabric (i.e. merging the contrast pieces and the shorts pieces before cutting the fabric). I think the style is really cute and they are fast and easy to make.

A good but not great pattern. Better for people who are comfortable re-interpreting pattern instructions to suit their own needs.

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