It happens to everyone…

I made a mistake.  I admit it.  I was trucking along with my project.  Everything was going great. I even remembered to take pictures for the blog along the way and then…

<<Cue the needle slipping off the record sound effect>>

I went to pin on the second sleeve and my marks wouldn’t line up.  That can’t be right.  Yes, it was.  Two right sleeves and no left one.  What’s worse, I didn’t have enough scrap to cut another!

I truly admire people who can calmly put aside their aggravation and move on to something else.  You rock, patient people!  (Of course, they probably wouldn’t have messed up the sleeve in the first place).  As for me, I told myself it would be funny in the morning and went to bed.

Next morning, still not funny!  But at least I could cheerfully apply myself to finding a solution.  I looked at what if I just sewed it on anyway (no, bad, don’t)?  What if I pieced a sleeve from scraps (ugh, definitely not)?  What if I shortened both sleeves (that would work, but I would never wear it)?  I knew that the fabric was sold out, so I couldn’t get more.  Or could I?

Yes, I could!  It was restocked!  How had I missed that?

I know not all sewing adventures have such happy endings.  We are not little clothing factories. For the most part, most of us are making something we have never made before. It takes a leap of faith to try creative efforts and a lot of people aren’t that brave.  So, here’s to the mistake makers who try!

But it’s still not funny.

I’m going to look exactly like her when I’m done!

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