Easy Pull-On Cuffed Pants Part 3

If you have been following along, you know that I just made cuffed pants that I can’t get my feet through.  Sigh.

If I had gone right back in and tried to fix it, it might have been a real mess.  I needed to sleep on it for a few days.  So here we are, a week later, and have I arrived at a solution I am happy with.

Problem on the bottom.  Solution on the top.

I didn’t have very much scrap, but I had enough to make a little bit of bias tape.  I cut the leg at the inside seam, going from the bottom to just above the cuff. Carefully, I pinned and sewed double-folded bias around the cut area. Once again, working in this area was pretty fiddly, since it was small, multi-layered and the other side of the cuff kept slipping under the needle.  I powered through though.  The next step was a lot easier.

I cut short lengths of the waistband elastic and pinned them horizontally one on top of the other on the inside of the new opening.  I sewed one side down, but left the other pinned.  Before sewing the other side, I tested for fit.  (See, I learned something!) It fit, I sewed the other side down and repeated the process with the other pant leg.

Finally, my “easy” pants were done!

That’s what I call high-waisted!

For the most part, I like these pants.  They are very high waisted. Even when worn at the natural waist, the crotch is on the low side.  Still, since I’m probably only ever going to wear them with an untucked shirt, they should be fine.  The legs and cuffs look good and that’s what the world will see.

I always like to think of what else I could do with my patterns after trying them out. Assuming I plan the cuffs better, this really is an easy, versatile pattern. Burda Style shows them in dressy, luxe fabrics – even sequins.  They even have a little article on how to put together outfits with sequined pants, which is something I never would have considered before. Any drapable fabric thin enough to stand up to a 2 to 1 gather at the waist would work. So, I would consider anything from silks and sequins to jerseys and french terry fair game.

Proof I can put my feet through the cuff

Thanks for reading all about my casual clothing reboot.  Coming soon: sewing with spandex, using the serger for something other than seams and more!

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