2018 Sewing Plans

I’m trying to find the silver lining in a 10 day weather forecast that doesn’t show any temperatures above freezing. I know there must be one. Oh, yes! I can dig in to my plans for 2018 (and daydream about spring a little while I’m at it.).

This year, I’m going to be working on one large skill-building project each month. Don’t worry – I’ll still be blogging about easy and fun projects. But you can look forward to following along as I cover some new territory as well. Here’s my month-to-month plan:

  • January – Marfy Blouse
  • February – Style Arc Pants
  • March – Easter Dress
  • April – Backpack
  • May – Couture Dress
  • June – Rashguards
  • July – Lace Dress
  • August – Jeans
  • September – Vintage Patterns
  • October – Halloween Costume
  • November – Winter Coat
  • December – Holiday Finery

Do you do New Year’s resolutions? I have a few sewing goals I would like to meet this year. Let’s call them resolutions and make it official.

  1. Keep up with alterations and repairs. By the end of January, I will get to the bottom of my mending pile.
  2. Upcycle more. Repurpose or rehabilitate those fabric items that need a new life.
  3. Incorporate trims, embellishments, and decorative techniques in my designs.

I have a few goals for SeeCindySew as well.

  1. Bring you great images of works in process and finished items by improving my photography.
  2. Establish a regular schedule for posts.

Last year, my goal was to get organized. I’m checking that one off. Now I just need to keep it like this! Did I ever mention I love blue tape?

Do you have sewing goals this year?

Happy new year, readers! And happy sewing as well!




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